Teen years are a particularly tough time in life. Friend groups might be changing as you all find your place in the world. Some are heavily into sports, other gravitate towards academic activities, some turn to the arts. There is still though a small group that has difficulty finding their place. This may lead you to believe there will never be a place for you or that there is something wrong with you. None of that is the case. The fact is everyone struggles in teen years on some level even if they have a group where they feel they fit in. There are so many changes happening physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, your parents want you to grow up already or they don’t want you to grow up at all when it comes to some things. All of this just sends your head spinning.   Who wants to talk to their parents about all of this? 

Therapy is a good way to vent about all of these problems a work through solutions with an adult. You will have a confidential space to share what bothers and a potential buffer to discuss the difficult things with your parents when necessary. Sometimes expressing yourself through art, music or journaling is just the thing you need other times you may need skills to manage the emotions you may be having. Therapy can help work on all of those things. If you interested have your parents reach out with you and schedule an appointment.

Parents of Teens

  Feeling like you have no idea who this person is in front of you?  They look like your precious darling, they sound like your darling sometimes but whoa that attitude, who is that? Welcome to parenting a teen. This is the hardest part of parenting but it can also be the most fun too. You just need to adjust your skill set and add a few more tools and skills to what you are may already be using. A therapist can help you make the connection to your teen that you may be missing. Family sessions or individual sessions for you or teen will help to bring a new connection and communication that you have not experienced with your teen before. They are growing up and as parents it can be hard to accept when they don’t want to spend time with you. They think their friends and their cellphones are the best things since WIFI. Parent coaching, individual therapy or family therapy will give you the opportunity to to express your concerns and identify new ways to connect with your teen.


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